2015 Champion Scholars Scholarship Winners

Champion Energy invests in the communities we serve with the Champion Scholars annual scholarshipChampion Energy is committed to the community and charities we support, as we work to power lives and power businesses. The Champion Scholars scholarship program was created to recognize those that feel the same way.

We received over 2,500 applications, from students in Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Illinois. Applications were evaluated based on academic performance, awards, volunteerism, and the response to this question:

Being a champion is about more than winning or being number one. Sometimes being a champion is about giving back to the community, standing up for your beliefs, or supporting a cause you believe in. What makes you a champion in your school or in your community?

We are very proud to recognize this year’s scholarship winners:

Joseph Buckle, Missouri City, Texas

1_Scholarship_JosephBuckleJoseph Buckle of Missouri City, Texas is the recipient of a $5,000 Champion Scholars award.  Joseph attends St Thomas High School where he participates in football and track, serves as Student Body President and still finds the time to volunteer in his community.  In 2011, Joseph partnered with Hope for Three, a nonprofit focused on autism, to develop “Teen Huddle” a sibling support group for those who have brothers or sisters with autism.  Joseph will attend Texas A & M University in the fall, majoring in Chemical Engineering.

“My grandfather once compared life to a game of poker.  Everyone has their cards to play – sometimes good, sometimes bad – and we must play the hand we are dealt.  With this in mind, a champion in life is not always the person with the greatest hand, but the one who plays his cards the best.”

Gena Pamieri, Libertyville, Illinois

2_Scholarship_GenaPalmieriGena Palmieri from Libertyville, Illinois is the recipient of a $3,000 Champion Scholars award.  Gena attends Libertyville High School, where she has is the National Honor Society President and volunteers for Relay for Life.  In summer 2014, Gena created a non-profit called The Beauty Pack, designed to help women with hardships gain the confidence and knowledge they need when applying for jobs, when dealing with financial responsibilities, and when taking care of themselves both physically and emotionally. Gena will be studying Finance in the fall at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

“(The Beauty Pack) was largely inspired by a shelter just down the street that helps women recuperate after domestic violence, substance abuse, and other sorts of calamities.  I wanted these women to radiate with light and positivity and in order to do so, I knew they needed to feel confident in themselves first.”

Joanne Shang, Katy, Texas

3_Scholarship_JoanneShangJoanne Shang from Katy, Texas is the recipient of a $2,000 Champion Scholars award.  Joanne attends the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science in Denton, Texas, where she is the committee head of First Robotics, a program mentoring middle school robotics teams.  Joanne is co-founder of Project STEM Box (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics), a non-profit organization that promotes science by creating and integrating science experiment boxes into public library systems. Joanne is deciding between Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania’s Jerome Fisher program in Management & Technology.

“I try to find ways of challenging kids to apply what they learn to help their communities. My goal is that checking out a STEM box will soon be just as common as checking out a book.  Igniting the creative minds of future innovators, engineers, and inventors is my way of becoming the kind of mentor and champion to others that my father was (and is) to me.”

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