2019 Champion Scholars Scholarship Winners

Champion Energy is committed to the community and charities we support, as we work to power lives and power businesses. The Champion Scholars scholarship program was created to recognize those that feel the same way. We received thousands of applications, from students in Texas.

Applications were evaluated based on academic performance, awards, volunteerism, and the response to this question: Being a champion is about more than winning or being number one. Sometimes being a champion is about giving back to the community, standing up for your beliefs, or supporting a cause you believe in. What makes you a champion in your school or community? We are very proud to recognize this year’s scholarship winners:

$5,000 Champion Scholars Award

Pilar Ibarra from Sugar Land, Texas

Pilar is the recipient of a $5,000 Champion Scholars award. Pilar attends Dulles High School where she succeeds in and out of the classroom. Pilar served as the Operations Manager of Miracle Club and was instrumental in putting together the club’s first annual Color Run, resulting in $22,000 donated to Texas Children’s Hospital.

Pilar will be studying Psychology at Texas A&M University in College Station.

“My service experience with Miracle Club has been invaluable to me in the realization that no matter which way, fighting for others will always be what keeps me going, and what makes me a champion for my community.”

$3,000 Champion Scholars Award

Rebecca Read from Houston, Texas

Rebecca is the recipient of a $3,000 Champion Scholars award. Rebecca attends Memorial High School. She spent all four years of high school tutoring at The Branch, which is an after-school program for underprivileged kids. Here, she implemented a science lab program that provided the kids hands-on experience in an environment outside of the classroom.
Rebecca will be studying Business at the University of Texas in Austin.

“I think what makes me a champion is the fact that I was able to make a big difference in a small way. By taking the time to invest myself and my resources into the education of a small group of kids, I know that I have fostered an interest in learning that extends beyond the few hours spent in school each day. I exposed these kids to something new and sparked an interest in them that I feel cannot be underestimated.”

$2,000 Champion Scholars Award

Mason Hoover from Missouri City, Texas

Mason is the recipient of a $2,000 Champion Scholars award. Mason attends Elkins High School. Since childhood, Mason has been volunteering from the early days of flag duty in elementary school to yearly mission trips as he got older. He is an Eagle Scout with leadership positions on the swim team, ROTC and the National Honor Society.
Mason will be studying Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University in College Station.

“I am a champion in that I have given myself opportunities to show others how to be. On many occasions, I had grown men and women ask me how old I was, to which I would respond “16”. The looks of disbelief still haunt me to this day. I am a champion in my community because I have never let my age prevent me from setting the example for all those who stand around me”

Learn more about Champion Energy’s commitment to community service.

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