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4 Energy Saving Tips to Gobble up this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only a few short weeks away. While we can’t help with the cooking, we can provide you some energy saving tips. Check out the below tips and start using them today in preparation for the holiday.

  • Large guest list? Before your guests start arriving, lower the temperature of your thermostat by a degree or two. Large groups of people naturally generate heat so give your heating system a break.
  • One trip only. Double check your ingredients list for the meal before you open the fridge. Opening the door multiple time lets out more air and forces the compressor to work harder.
  • Keep it closed. Stop opening the door to check on your turkey and turn on the oven light. Each time you open the oven door you lose a significant amount of heat forcing you use the oven longer.
  • Cool it down. Before adding that steaming hot appetizer to the fridge, allow it to cool down first. This is let the fridge do its thing without needing to work overtime.


Which is it Wednesday: Water Pump or Water Heater?

Do you use more energy heating the water in your home or moving the water around your home? We reviewed the numbers to give you have a better understanding of exactly how much energy each typically uses. You might be surprised by the answer.

Let’s review the wattage:

Water Pump = 2,500 watts < Water Heater = 4,000 watts

Hmm, it appears that you will want to turn down the temperature of your water heater. Heating the water in your home accounts for a large percentage of your power bill every month. Just by lowering the temperature of your water heater from 140 degrees to 120 degrees you can save up to 22% annually! Remember that the next time you want to take a steaming hot shower.



Which Is It Wednesday: Blender or Espresso Machine?

Good morning! It’s time to head down stairs to the kitchen in search of an energy booster to wake you up. Usually you would reach for a cup of coffee or a fruit smoothie without even thinking about the energy being used to make them. To help you decide with one you should start the day with, we looked at how much wattage each appliance typically uses.

Let’s check out the wattage.

Blender = 300 Watts < Espresso Machine = 360 Watts

Perhaps you prefer a cup of coffee most mornings, but with high wattage of the espresso machine, it might be time to switch over to a fresh smoothie instead. If you are still need that coffee kick, simply add some coffee grounds to your smoothie before you blend it!