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Enter to Win Free Electricity for a Year

birthday-blogWe’re Giving Away Free Electricity, Smart Thermostats and LED Bulbs

On September 23, 2015, we celebrated our 10th year in business. To mark the occasion and thank our customers, we’re giving away some prizes. We’re giving one Grand Prize of free electricity for a year (up to $1,000), five Emerson Sensi smart thermostats for Second Prizes, and 15 $50 vouchers for LED bulbs for Third Prize. There’s still time to enter, just click here and fill out the form.

Enter by November 1, 2015, to win. Good Luck!

Reward Yourself this Holiday Season with Bill Credits

Connect-a-FriendReward systems are AWESOME.  They’re simple, direct, and really provide an outlet for regular Joes to relish in a job well done. Rewards are something that virtually anyone can work towards too. Work hard, show some good faith and you’re the one picked for that big promotion. Rewards. Are. Magic.

But there are some programs out there that aren’t quite as simple or direct. Imagine seeing an ad promising you’ll earn money towards your next energy bill when you refer a friend.  After reading the fine print, you learn that you have to pay $400 bucks upfront just to be included in the program. And what about having to pay a fee for using social media tools to connect with potential referrals? There are many marketing promotions that seem great at first, but, in the long run, cost you more than what you bargained for.

Rewards Programs: What to Look Out For

When evaluating a provider with a rewards program offering gift cards, cash back, or airline miles, be sure to read the fine print and really take note of your rate as you may be paying for your rewards after all.

Some programs require you to have 12 on-time payments in a row to get the promised reward (one late payment could put you back at square one!). Other programs have a cap of how much “free electricity” you’ll receive after making a certain number of on-time payments.  Many times, customers are being short-changed. And have you enrolled in a program to receive reward benefits just to wait months to receive it? Talk about snail mail! A rewards program shouldn’t have to turn into a full-time job just so you can enjoy the benefits, right? Of course.

Multi-Level Marketing: What to Look Out For

Some energy companies offer programs that allow for you to earn a little money when you refer a family member or friend, but require them to generate sales for the organization. Yup, you read that right. Sure, you get a little off the top, but you’ve got to put in a lot of time, effort, and even some schmoozing to get people on board. And most times, it doesn’t stop there. Your friends and family are required to speak to their friends too, creating a gigantic multi-level network of sales-generating salespeople. Whew! It’s enough to overwhelm anyone looking just to refer others to an awesome, reliable service.  Moreover, the so-called “rewards” associated with these types of programs seem to lose their luster pretty quickly.

Rack ‘Em Up and Participate in Champion Energy’s Connect-a-Friend Referral Program

Champion Energy’s Connect-a-Friend Customer Referral Program is a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point rewards program that won’t have you jumping through hoops. Just have friends use your Connect-A-Friend referral ID when they enroll, and you’ll each earn bill credits.

Rewards don’t have to be a one-time, static thing. Do something great, do it again and chances are, the good that comes from your hard work will continually pay off. That’s certainly the case when you refer your friends to Champion.

We take a no-nonsense approach:

  • We’ll never ask you to pony up. No investment is needed to be a part of the program. There’s no pressure to join a “great business opportunity”. Leave that to the other guys. Connect-a-Friend, earn $25 toward your bill. That’s it. Really.
  • Refer 5 people, get $125 in bill credits. Refer 10, get $250 in credits. The more people you refer, the more you earn. Sky’s the limit.
  • Your friends earn too. Your friends receive award-winning service PLUS the $25 bill credit. A win-win all the way.
  • No “minimum enrollment levels” to earn. Get a bill credit every time you refer.

 There’s no confusion, no up-front or back-end costs. Just simple, attainable rewards.

We Make It Easy To Start Earning

Champion Energy knows that these days, the easiest, fastest way to share information is online, and more specifically on email and social media. We’ve created some free online tools to help you share your referral ID to people who might be interested in signing up for service. Pretty neat, huh? With Champion Energy, it’s easy to earn, share, and TRACK referrals.

Just visit, enter in your name and referral ID, and viola! You’ll be able to share your referral ID on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, E-mail and more. In other words, it’s a breeze to connect-a-friend to Champion Energy.  Rewards. Are. Magic.