Champion Energy Celebrates Earth Day

paperlessChampion Energy employees were active in making a difference the week leading up to Earth Day (4/22). Here are some events that took place at Champion Energy:

SUNDAY, 4/14 – Employees volunteered for Houston Earth  Day(
MONDAY, 4/15 – Kick Off Paperless Week- Employees were challenged to print less and dispose of trash in the kitchens. The trash bins at individual desks were removed for the week.
TUESDAY, 4/16 – Carpool Sign Up.
WEDNESDAY, 4/17 – Individual seeds were provided for each employee to promote people to plant at home.
THURSDAY, 4/18 – Recycle Electronics- Employees brought in ink cartridges, rechargeable batteries, & cables. These were all donated to Best Buy.
FRIDAY, 4/16 – Information sheets were distributed on being environmentally friendly.
MONDAY (EARTH DAY), 4/22 – Raffle Contest to win a Kindle for employees who use sustainable products to reduce waste (aka tumbler cups, silverware utensils, tupperware). Champion Energy also supported our sister company in a Bake Goods Sale to support Lost Pines Disaster Recovery Campaign.

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