8 Christmas Gifts For The Person Who Has Almost Everything

We all have those people in our lives that are complicated to buy for. They claim they “have everything” but we all know that’s not true. Here are some options that could inspire you for that difficult person.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker


Sure, you COULD make all of these things separately but why not just use one tool to do it all?

Comes in red, black and silver.



Microwaveable Slippers

Microwaveable booties will help any cold person get through the winter. They also work well without the added heat.Comes in white, gray, black, spotted white or spotted leopard print.



Heated Blankets for the Car

Heated blankets for the car for the person who is always cold when someone else is always hot. Control the environment with this car powered heated blanket.Colors come in a variety of colored plaids (black, orange, green and red) and blue.



Heated USB Mouse

Keep your cold person’s hands warm at the office with a heated mouse!



Chai Tea Set

If you like tea they will eventually run out of it. This set was listed as one of “Oprah’s favorite things” so you know it has to be good.



Hot Sauce

Everyone likes to change up the flavors they use every once in a while. Use it on chicken wings or on sausage.



BeatsX Earphones

If you have someone who loves to stay active or needs the ability of having a great Bluetooth speaker, BeatsX Earphones have it all. They come in satin silver, red, white gold or black.



Ember Mug

Never let their coffee get cold! Ember Temperature Smart Mug has an hour and a half battery life and can be controlled by an app on their phone.



Tis the Season for Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Holiday season calls for festive decorating around the house. Whether you’re setting up your Christmas tree or putting up lights outside, here are some helpful hints to help you decorate around the home.

Picking Out Christmas Lights

There are a couple different lights to choose from. We’ll tell you the difference so you can know what you’re looking at when you go to the store.

Types of Lights

  • Incandescent String Lights – Inexpensive and have been standard for years. Variety of styles and colors available.
  • LED (light-emitting diode) lights – LEDs are initially more expensive than incandescents, but are 85% more energy efficient and can last up to 40 holiday seasons. They also remain cool to the touch. They give off a bright light with various shapes and colors.
  • White Lights – White light gives your tree a classic look without distracting from your ornaments.
  • Colored Lights – Multicolored lights give your tree a more vintage look. Lights can also come in a string of one color (pink, purple, blue, etc).

Size of Light Bulbs 

C9 & C7 – C standards for cone shaped. C9 light bulbs are over 2” long and fit an E17 base. C7 are smaller than the C9 bulbs. They have an E12 base (the same as a nightlight). They are about 1 ½” long.

C9 and C7 lightbulb

Both the C7 and C9 light bulb types are pretty and can double as an ornament. In the traditional, incandescent style, they put off a lot of a heat. Because of the high heat that is put off from the lights, it is recommended to not decorate your tree with either of these “C” shaped lightbulbs. They do come in LED options if you like the look on your tree.

Mini lights – this size of lights is what is recommended for your Christmas tree.

Tip: Pets or small children will grab at low hanging ornaments or lights. Keep that in mind when decorating.

How many lights do you need for your tree?

A go-to rule is 100 lights for every-foot-and-a-half of tree. To make your tree extra lit, an additional strand of lights to wrap around the trunk of the tree would be recommended. Below is a quick estimate for each size of Christmas tree height.

How many lights do  you need for your tree?

Tree Height        # Mini Lights            5mm LEDs              C7 Bulbs

4′                             400                               300                           25
6′                             600                               450                           50
8’                             800                               600                           100
10’                           1,000                            750                           150
12’                           1,200                            900                           200
14′                           1,500                            1,125                        250
20′                            2,000                           1,500                        480

Tip: Position your tree about 2 feet from a corner or wall so you can easily access the back of the tree as you place the lights and ornaments.

Tip: Purchase a timer to help you utilize your Christmas lights to their fullest as well as saving money on your electricity bill.

Calculate your Electricity Usage Cost

  1. Know your wattage (you can check it on the lights box package or online).
  2. Take your wattage and multiply 0.001 to find kwh (kilo-watt hour)
  3. Multiply by your average of having your lights on (5 is pretty standard) to find the kwh/day.
  4. Multiply by 30 (for how many days in the holiday season) to find the kwh/season.
  5. Multiply by 11.3 cents (or whatever your rate is) to calculate your cost.

The Formulas visualized:
Watts x 0.001 = kwh
Kwh x 5 hours a day = kwh/day
Kwh/day x 30 days = kwh/season
Kwh/season x .113 cents = cost

5 Useful Kitchen Gadgets to Make Thanksgiving Easy

Kitchen Gadgets

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time if you aren’t prepared. We have put together a list of helpful gadgets that can make your holiday cooking a little less nerve-wracking.

Food timers
Are you cooking multiple things for the holidays? We bet you are. Having multiple kitchen timers will prevent your food from over, or under, cooking and letting you know when you need to remove one of your dishes.

Even though the microwave may be scoffed at, it actually is really helpful when preparing Thanksgiving dinner. It consumes half the energy of a conventional oven and cooks faster, which saves time. It’s also great for pre-made foods like your gravy for your mashed potatoes or to warm up the rolls. Yum!

Convection Oven
Having a second oven is useful when cooking a large dinner. Convection ovens also have been known to save 20% of your oven-related energy costs because of how the convection oven cooks.

Food Processor Use the food processor to help speed up chopping vegetables, crushing ice, chopping nuts, mixing pie crust, or whatever else you can think of using it for.

Digital Meat Thermometer
This is a life saver if you don’t want to cut into the turkey early but don’t trust that golden brown crisp. Digital thermometers with the probe that sticks into the bird will provide you a faster result than traditional thermometers, which will let the meat start cooling down by the time it give you a result. The minimum safe internal temperature is 165 degrees.

If you are looking for additional money saving tips, check out our 15 Tips to Make Using Your Oven Energy Efficient.