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4 Energy Saving Tips to Gobble up this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only a few short weeks away. While we can’t help with the cooking, we can provide you some energy saving tips. Check out the below tips and start using them today in preparation for the holiday.

  • Large guest list? Before your guests start arriving, lower the temperature of your thermostat by a degree or two. Large groups of people naturally generate heat so give your heating system a break.
  • One trip only. Double check your ingredients list for the meal before you open the fridge. Opening the door multiple time lets out more air and forces the compressor to work harder.
  • Keep it closed. Stop opening the door to check on your turkey and turn on the oven light. Each time you open the oven door you lose a significant amount of heat forcing you use the oven longer.
  • Cool it down. Before adding that steaming hot appetizer to the fridge, allow it to cool down first. This is let the fridge do its thing without needing to work overtime.

Source: http://www.eei.org/resourcesandmedia/energynews/Pages/12%20Energy-Saving%20Tips%20to%20Gobble%20Up%20This%20Thanksgiving.aspx

Energy Saving Tips for Entertaining Outdoor this Summer

With the warm weather, now is the perfect time to get outside, especially when you are having family and friends over. The summer weather may cause people to use more electricity, especially when trying to cool your home. We put together a few tips that may help you lower your electric usage, while you have a blast outside.

  • Switch to LED bulbs for outside lighting. Do you have a well-lit backyard? Upgrade to LED bulbs to keep it well-lit while using less energy than incandescent bulbs. This alone could help you save hundreds of dollars over the summer.
  • No more zapper. Bugs during the summertime are such a buzzkill! Although you might want to use the electric bug zapper, go for a citronella candle instead to keep the bugs out.
  • Fire up the grill. This is the perfect time to enjoy food cooked on the grill. Cooking your dinner for the evening on the grill is an energy-efficient way to prepare food.
  • Shut down the AC while you’re outside. Stop wasting energy cooling your house when you are spending time outside. Instead turn the AC back on about 30 minutes before you plan on coming back in.
  • Allow the shade. Utilize the natural shade from the trees in your yard to keep cool from the summer sun.

Get everyone together and enjoy the summer in your backyard, while using less electricity inside the house. 

General tips are taken from the below sources and are not independently verified by Champion Energy. Dollar and usage savings are estimates and are based on, but not limited to the following: home profile information, performance assumptions, third-party resources, and the average regional cost for electricity. Savings are not guaranteed, are subject to change, and may vary.




Which is it Wednesday: Flat Iron or Blow Dryer?

Did you know that hair care is a multi-billion dollar industry? Whether it’s coloring or styling our hair, we always try to look our best. From spending time curling our hair to ironing out frizzy hair, women want to look and feel good. Have you ever considered just how much energy your flat iron or blow dryer use while you get ready for the day? We reviewed the typical energy use of each appliance that might help you decide how to style your hair going forward.

Let’s review the wattage.

Blow Dryer = 1,200 watts > Flat Iron = 331 watts

Wow that is a BIG difference in wattage! Considering that warmer weather has arrived, skip blow drying your hair and let your hair air dry as you finish getting ready for your day. Once your hair is dry, go ahead and use your flat iron to style it exactly how you like it.