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Which is it Wednesday: Water Pump or Water Heater?

Do you use more energy heating the water in your home or moving the water around your home? We reviewed the numbers to give you have a better understanding of exactly how much energy each typically uses. You might be surprised by the answer.

Let’s review the wattage:

Water Pump = 2,500 watts < Water Heater = 4,000 watts

Hmm, it appears that you will want to turn down the temperature of your water heater. Heating the water in your home accounts for a large percentage of your power bill every month. Just by lowering the temperature of your water heater from 140 degrees to 120 degrees you can save up to 22% annually! Remember that the next time you want to take a steaming hot shower.






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Hurricane Harvey Impact – FAQ’s from Champion Energy

Champion Energy, and our parent company, Calpine Corporation, are both proud to call Houston our home. We’ve compiled a list of some Frequently Asked Questions regarding payment, disconnection and reconnection, and flooding in connection with Hurricane Harvey.

Our highest priority is our customers. If you have trouble paying your bill because of Hurricane Harvey, we will work with you to put a payment plan in place.

What is Champion Energy doing to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey?

We are committed to helping our customers work through this hardship by:

  • Waiving late fees from August 22nd through at least September 30th for customers in affected areas
  • Suspending disconnect orders from August 22nd through at least September 30th for customers in affected areas
  • Allowing customers in affected areas who request deferral of bill payments by September 30th to pay their balance through installments over five months.
  • And we’re doubling our donation match to our Power Partners fund to $2 for every $1 donated, matching up to $10,000 per individual donor, up to a total of $250,000, for donations made September 1 – December 31, 2017. Donations can be made through the traditional Power Partners check box on the bill payment stub, or online through www.YouCaring.com/PowerPartners.

I can’t get through to my utility company to report an outage.

Most homes in the Centerpoint, AEP-Central and TNMP service areas have Smart Meters installed. One of the benefits of having a Smart Meter is that it automatically notifies the local utility when your power goes out. Visit our Outage Center for contact information for your utility company.

Why do I not have power?

First and foremost, it is Champion’s policy to not disconnect customers who are experiencing ongoing emergency situations. Your power could be out due to high winds or high water that has caused fallen trees, broken poles or wires. Also, it is not uncommon for emergency responders or local utilities have to turn off power to prevent more widespread outages. We have assurances from the utilities that their teams are working around the clock to restore power as soon as possible.

I have water in my house. What do I do about the power?

Flooding can damage electrical systems. You should never touch damaged equipment. If you need to cancel your service temporarily, let us know. An inspection by a licensed electrician may be required before your power is restored. Learn more about flooding and electrical safety with our latest blog article on Recovering From A Flood – Electrical Safety.

I can’t get to a payment center to pay my bill, what do I do?

You can pay your bill online or by phone at 877-653-5090 with your account number.

I can’t afford to pay my bill…

Give us a call at 877-653-5090 or email info@championenergyservices.com. We will work with you to put a payment plan in place.

Important Reminder

Bills may be delayed in the coming weeks as a result of the storm. You can update your billing preference to get emailed copies of your bill within your online account.


Energy Saving Tips for Entertaining Outdoor this Summer

With the warm weather, now is the perfect time to get outside, especially when you are having family and friends over. The summer weather may cause people to use more electricity, especially when trying to cool your home. We put together a few tips that may help you lower your electric usage, while you have a blast outside.

  • Switch to LED bulbs for outside lighting. Do you have a well-lit backyard? Upgrade to LED bulbs to keep it well-lit while using less energy than incandescent bulbs. This alone could help you save hundreds of dollars over the summer.
  • No more zapper. Bugs during the summertime are such a buzzkill! Although you might want to use the electric bug zapper, go for a citronella candle instead to keep the bugs out.
  • Fire up the grill. This is the perfect time to enjoy food cooked on the grill. Cooking your dinner for the evening on the grill is an energy-efficient way to prepare food.
  • Shut down the AC while you’re outside. Stop wasting energy cooling your house when you are spending time outside. Instead turn the AC back on about 30 minutes before you plan on coming back in.
  • Allow the shade. Utilize the natural shade from the trees in your yard to keep cool from the summer sun.

Get everyone together and enjoy the summer in your backyard, while using less electricity inside the house. 

General tips are taken from the below sources and are not independently verified by Champion Energy. Dollar and usage savings are estimates and are based on, but not limited to the following: home profile information, performance assumptions, third-party resources, and the average regional cost for electricity. Savings are not guaranteed, are subject to change, and may vary.