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Easy Ways to Cut Costs Around the House

Interested in some easy ways to cut costs around your home? We put together some easy to do tips that will help do just that!

  • Keep closet doors closed. By checking that all closet doors are closed, you will help keep your heating and cooling costs down. By doing that it will help you avoid wasting heating or cooling areas that don’t need to be.
  • No more coffee runs. While you might enjoy that fancy latte from downtown, it seriously adds up over time. Instead buy a small coffee machine that has options to create your drink of choice.
  • No more bottled water. Fact: if you buy one pack of water every week at $5 per case, you’ll spend nearly $200 per year. That is a lot of money. If you aren’t a fan of tap water, buy a filter to attach to the faucet or a filtered pitcher.
  • Turn it down. By lowering the temperature of your water heater setting to 120 degrees you reduce your energy costs. You’ll save around $30 annually with each 10-degree reduction.
  • Shop the deals. When it’s time to buy the expensive items like the TV or furniture, make sure you do some research and shop when the best deals are available. You don’t want to end up buying an item only to find out you could have gotten it for much cheaper a month or two later.


General tips are taken from the below sources and are not independently verified by Champion Energy. Dollar and usage savings are estimates and are based on, but not limited to the following: home profile information, performance assumptions, third-party resources, and the average regional cost for electricity. Savings are not guaranteed, are subject to change, and may vary.



Which is it Wednesday: Flat Iron or Blow Dryer?

Did you know that hair care is a multi-billion dollar industry? Whether it’s coloring or styling our hair, we always try to look our best. From spending time curling our hair to ironing out frizzy hair, women want to look and feel good. Have you ever considered just how much energy your flat iron or blow dryer use while you get ready for the day? We reviewed the typical energy use of each appliance that might help you decide how to style your hair going forward.

Let’s review the wattage.

Blow Dryer = 1,200 watts > Flat Iron = 331 watts

Wow that is a BIG difference in wattage! Considering that warmer weather has arrived, skip blow drying your hair and let your hair air dry as you finish getting ready for your day. Once your hair is dry, go ahead and use your flat iron to style it exactly how you like it.






Using your Smart Meter to Manage your Texas Electricity Costs

Weekly Smart Meter usage information is emailed to you each week from Champion Energy.

Texas electricity customers have had smart meters in place for over 4 years now.  Smart meters capture electricity usage every 15 minutes, giving consumers a lot more information on electricity usage. But for most consumers the question is, “What do I do with all that information?”

Champion Energy’s new Smart Track home energy consumption reports help our Texas electricity customers make sense of their smart meter data. Texas electricity customers will receive a weekly email that tracks their energy usage and compares it to the prior week. Customers can use the information to make smarter decisions about their electricity usage and potentially have a lower electric bill.

Customers can:

  1. See how their usage changes week to week, so they can make decisions on their electricity usage.
  2. Eliminate the surprise of an unexpected high bill, by reviewing their daily and monthly spend, and their projected bill.
  3. Monitor how their electricity use changes by day and by time of day (so you can tell the kids to turn off the TV and shut the refrigerator door!)
  4. Track the impact of temperature on your electricity usage. Nearly 50% of the average home’s electricity bill is cooling and heating.
  5. Gain more insight online with access to daily, weekly and monthly graphs.

Champion Energy’s Texas customers with smart meters will start receiving reports in the first 2 weeks of June. Start using your smart meter to manage your Texas electricity costs today!